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The Truth about Crafting a Personal Brand Online

May 29, 2017 | Personal Branding

There are 6 thousand tweets sent per second and almost 5 billion videos watched on Youtube every single day. More than 30 billion photos have been shared on Instagram. And 1.28 billion people are Facebook daily users. I find it fascinating that between all these Social Media stats there is me and what I share with the world, my personal brand. The Yosemite video I put on Youtube, the comment I made on my friend’s Instagram picture and the SLU’s Solstice Night Market Pop-Up event I marked as interested on Facebook.

If you are reading this post, chances are, you already have a personal brand online. You might not have a carefully curated personal brand, but you do have one. We are all constantly judging and being judged by our digital covers. At first, the idea of having an online strategy behind my social media content seemed intimidating and a touch pretentious. Yet I fast realized that it is an opportunity to create an unique voice, to control my own narrative and let it replace my resume.

Personal branding is not about how to become internet famous. Nor about oversharing all the cool things you do. It goes beyond learning how to take a perfect selfie or grow your following. Becoming an authentic person online is the vehicle to turn your social media platforms into possibilities to make your professional goals a reality. Your web presence says a lot about who you are as a person. Therefore, it is also an important channel to broadcast the work you do and the things you are interested in.

It takes a bit of courage to embark in this journey but if done right it will open opportunities otherwise would not have existed. I’m excited to explore this concept here and start using social media to build my online professional network.

Thank you for walking with me,



  1. Daniel

    Nice post. Personal Branding is very important nowadays. I really feel that it’s about owning your own history and creating opportunities through that.
    Everyone is online! There is no turning back! The best thing to do is control your brand and leave a good impression.

  2. Richard

    Excellent post. For someone who would prefer to limit my exposure online how do you find the balance between modern online professionalism and privacy?

  3. Larissa Tavares

    It’s a new era! Newspaper, magazines, pictures are not paper anymore. The vast world of social media transmits a personal value, belief and costums. Besides that, there are many opportunities out there to explore, experience and learn. Shall we find out?

  4. Billy Dang

    Very insightful piece Thaianna, i really admire your tenacious spirit on embracing life and welcoming in new opportunities. I’m looking forward to your future endeavors.

  5. Karina pizzini

    It’s interesting to see a personal blog about anything, but at the same time, focused in improve the image of the person behind the professional person. by the way, we are only one unique being. Loved the pictures YOu and the visual IDENTidy you choose.

  6. Cinthia

    Through the internet information exchange is very fast and dynamic, we should not ignore this tool, in personal life and especially in professional. People are all connected to each other through social media and companies are keeping an eye on it. So even if you do not worry about the image you are showing through the internet, remember, it is being spread out the world.

    I loved the post and the way you express your thoughts.

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